Jon Caeleb

This kid can sing! What began as a project to get the young people in my church more involved in a team project became something way better than we imagined.

The International

Christian Playboys

Jim Bolton gave me and Claire electric guitars as a wedding present. We ended up playing London's Water Rats and the Mother bar despite never having been in a band, or playing an instrument before. A journey.

Hot Leg - Justin Hawkins

Despite the rumours, Chas can categorically say that he has never written a song for the Darkness. However, he has written several songs with Justin Hawkins, like this one about Jesus.

The Light City Angels

Renegade Vigilantes from the City of Light form a protest band and launch an album. It's angry but it matters.

Mike Collins Birthday song

While Armstrong and Aldrin bounced around on the moon, someone had to keep the engine running and drive them home. This song was for the unsung third man of the Apollo 11 mission, Mike Collins.