Boxed Out

Amazon is worth 1.6 trillion and pays almost no tax. It's everyone's first thought retailer and by lazily shopping there rather than other sites or stores, we risk killing thousands of smaller businesses. Independent bookshops are a particular casualty, so this campaign aims to make people more aware of how much of a danger shopping at amazon to be to a community. This made news everywhere from Adweek to CNN. And a retweet from Antonio Ocasio-Cortez didn't hurt! Created for DCX Growth Accelerator with Doug Cameron and Tommy Noonan.

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Next Meal

This is an app that shows people where they can find the nearest soup kitchen. They came to Chas with the app and asked for help. He suggested that the app was a tool to empower Londoners who are unsure whether or not to give street sleepers money and that it needed to be PRed. The cards were placed in London hotel receptions and Virgin Active gyms and the initiative is gaining national awareness thanks to the Big Issue, Time Out and the FT


Supercasino Big Brother Sponsorship

Every night for three months, a sassy Supercasino croupier called Supercass entertained fans of Big Brother 15. Initially they hated her but when they realised that pretty much every break bumper announcement from her was different, the love began to grow.


When she mentioned some of her Twitter followers on TV, the love exploded. This was a brand on Twitter, reacting to events, winning round haters with humour and properly understanding social media. Created for Noah with Dave Jenner and aided by Roxanne Wells.

Tango Cash Card

The original idea was to give away real bank cards with six-packs of Tango. In the end, Barclays didn't want their ATMs clogging up with swallowed cards, so the team created a phone bank. A medical student guessed the PIN, stayed awake for four days and cleared out £80k in £250 instalments. Created for HHCL+Partners with Jim Bolton.

Idea a Day

Chas helped set up this global ideas bank in August 2000. Every day the site give away one business idea, just for the fun of it. Idea s Day had thousands of subscribers including celebs like Malcolm McLaren, Wayne Hemingway and Seth Godin and thousands more visitors every month. Ideas appeared daily on the website, on Facebook and on Twitter and we celebrated our 10th anniversary by taking over the morning show on BBC Five Live. Co-founded with David Owen, Becky Clarke and Rupert Kaye.

Still Tango Ambient 

Prior to the product's launch , Tango littered Glastonbury Festival with empty bottles to create intrigue. Later, the product was taken off the shelves after it began fermenting. To keep the brand alive while Tango reformulated it, the team pretended it was still on sale in the souks in North Africa and sent people postcards telling them this. Created with Jim Bolton at HHCL+Partners.

Scottish Bible Society - Book of God

The idea was to take stories from the Bible and repackage them as if they had been written today. Basically it's a bunch of funky book covers but it's amazing how a cover can change your impression of the text inside. Created with Trevor Webb and Martin Casson. Photos by Thomas Schelp.

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Cricklewood is Brilliant Facebook

In around 2007 Chas set up a fan page for his home area of London. The site is used to promote local events and acts as a community hub. Through this he have been invited to Westminster with other 'community leaders' and is linked in with all the other teams who want to bring a sense of community to Cricklewood.

Shell Bedtime Stories

As part of Shell's Cannes Gold award-winning Gravity Light campaign, Chas was asked to write fifty bedtime stories. This is because the light lasts for fifty hours. He picked one story from fifty different countries and some were read out by celebs. This one is narrated by Pixie Lott.