'Che Jesus'

This poster was created for the Churches Advertising Network (now for Easter. The poster has appeared in the National Gallery and was in the V&A's 'Che Guevara: Revolutionary and Icon' exhibition. Created for CAN with Martin Casson and Trevor Webb.

Christian Connection 'Better Lovers'

This campaign for holy dating website Christian Connection dominated the Tube and won many fans. The Huffington Post, the Telegraph and the Standard all wrote nice things about it. Created for Noah with Dave Jenner and Alex Fowkes.

Trivago  'Maori'

This campaign took over the London Underground for two weeks. It created a twitter storm for being culturally insensitive, despite not being culturally insensitive. Illustrated by Chas and Tania Lubett at Noah.

Tango  'Like a Bum'

You can't beat a brave client. This ad ran once, then everyone realised that black people don't have pink bums. Nor do Chinese, Japanese, Inuit...
Created for HHCL with Jim Bolton.

High and Mighty  'Stretch and Chunky'

This celebration of taller and larger men was created for Arkwright with Jim Bolton and Dave Jenner.

Victoria Cross and George Cross Association: Victoria Crosses on the Victoria Line.

This was an idea by Chas that involved persuading the Mayor, Tfl and Viacom to give up advertising space for free on the Tube. A huge effort that paid off and which is still remembered in the Imperial War Museum.

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