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The year was dominated by awards shows, most of which resulted in silverware for Blackcurrant Tango "St George." Jim and I had talks with Dan Weiden, Fallon and McCanns New York but decided to stay at HHCL.

Orange Tango: Clowns

In 1997, Tango decided to 'put something back' into society, and what better way of doing this than rounding up lots of clowns on an airfield, scooping them up in giant orange trucks and retraining them as estate agents? A great day out for the family! Also, see if you can spot 'Blackcurrant' Ray Gardner... Created for HHCL+Partners with Jim Bolton. Praying

In 1995, advertising God was still pretty new. The ad  features people who look completely normal but who are praying while being filmed. We asked permission to use brand names, like BMW and adidas and they said yes. It's a perennial bugbear of mine that agencies don't bother asking brands if they mind their logos being on display, as they assume the answer will be no. Created with Martin Casson and Trevor Webb for the Diocese of Lichfield and directed by Andy Lambert through TTO Films

Church ad: Flowers

In August 1997, Diana Princess of Wales had died. The following Easter, we took an image of floral tributes and asked people to look to the church for answers. Created for the Churches' Advertising Network with Trevor Webb, Martin Casson and Nick Drummond. 

1997 landscape_Page_1.jpg
1997 landscape_Page_2.jpg

Martini Citro: Sponge divers

First thing, the picture quality of the original was better. Second thing, this was the WORST shoot I have ever been on. In fact it made me want to give up advertising. It goes to prove that you can stay in the best hotel in Capri, take a speedboat ride around the island, eat the best the Med has to offer and still wish you were home in Cricklewood. 

Created for HHCL+Partners with Jim Bolton.

Church ad: Copyright

Basically, it's not Christmas without a trip to church. We suggested that only such a Christmas as this is worthy of the © symbol. Created for the Churches' Advertising Network with Trevor Webb. Martin Casson and Nick Drummond.

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