Everything has changed.

Everything I did before has little relevance to what is needed now.

The old world rules don't really apply. 

No one is commandeering photo shoots, filming TV, putting on events.

We are staying in, trying to keep sane, shopping as infrequently as we can and binge watching TV.

So what can I offer?

Affordable, lockdown-conscious advertising. not a historic back catalogue that is singing to an empty room.

I create ideas and angles that put products and services in the best light so the right people take notice, whatever is happening in the world.

I write, and right now you need this more than ever.

I can write radio.

I can write ads for Instagram and Facebook.

I can create PR with little more than a Macbook and a phone.

I can tell stories to an audience that has never been more captive.

Right now, my D&AD and Cannes golds don't mean a thing. 

My skills on Zoom and hangouts,  my like-minded, covid-ready contacts and our knowledge of how to turn hearts and minds are all that matters

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