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2003 was a slightly better year.  KArmarama hinted that they needed more space and so  Arkwright moved from the shared office in Chalk Farm to a serviced office in Brune St, E1. We also won the UK advertising business for Domino's Pizza which was huge. Spirits were up and we felt like we were truly going places.

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RAB: DM campaign

The Radio Advertising Bureau was another loyal client during the dark days of Arkwright. They commissioned us to create some interesting DM around the message that sales go up by 9% when you advertise on the radio. This one involved sending potential advertisers a free radio.

2003 port_Page_06.jpg

This DM was a banknote that was worth almost nothing. Knowing the value of money is important to advertisers.

Keeping ahead of the competition is almost as important which is why we sent advertisers edible DM.

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Leaving your advertising budget to chance is a risk, brought to life  by sending advertisers genuine lottery scratch cards.

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Increased sales equals increased happiness which is why the RAB sent out DM of a giant wearable smile.

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Setanta: 'Flipchart'

Big Al's Creative Emporium asked us if they could use our viral script of a hapless intern accidentally creating a rude graph on a flip chart. Sadly they did it more knowingly using a sexy model rather than an awkward trainee.

Domino's: 'Relax'

Incredibly, our three person agency won the UK advertising business for Domino's Pizza. We shot a series of ads where a paranoid family convince themselves that their pizza will be late. VO by agony aunt, Claire Rayner. Correct video coming soon)

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Rocket: Murals

Rocket was back for more in 2003 with new concessions at London's Cannon St and Wimbledon stations as well as inside the HQ of British American Tobacco.

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Scottish Bible Society: 'Book of God'

We pitched for the Bible Society and sadly didn't get it. To make amends we put our energies into the Bible Society north of the border and rebranded several books of the Bible as airport bestsellers. Created with Martin Casson and Trevor Webb with photography by Tomas Schelp.

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2003 port_Page_09.jpg
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2003 port_Page_10.jpg
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2003 port_Page_09.jpg
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2003 port_Page_10.jpg
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Victoria Crosses on the Victoria Line

In 2003, the Queen unveiled a plaque in Westminster Abbey to commemorate those who have won a Victoria or George Cross. Because my great grandma's brother won a VC, we were invited. I found it a shame that the plaque was buried in a church that few Londoners ever visit and felt that the incredible stories of the medal winners should reach a wider audience. I contacted the mayor's office, TFL and Viacom and the end result was free ad space on the tube and two campaigns: Victoria Crosses on the Victoria Line and George Crosses at Kings Cross. Sadly the only copy I have is the one that features my great uncle, which also formed part of an exhibition in the Imperial War museum where his medal is now kept.

The campaign made international news and I met up with some distant relatives who had heard about it and who handed me some of Duncan Boyes' personal items. These included some photos and a ceremonial dirk (a short blunt sword) which he will have worn on parade

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Flipside TV

This piece of TV joy graced British screens during 2004 and helped launch the careers of Justin Lee Collins, Allan Carr and Iain Lee. The concept, created by Chas, was three pundits watching TV live on air and suggesting to us at home what we should be watching. In the end, everyone got drunk and after a brief but heady two weeks on Channel 4, the show came crashing to a halt. However, the makers of Gogglebox confessed that Flipside was their inspiration. The glory!

Domino's: 'Psychic Duck'

Not wanting our Domino's family to have a boring pet in our TV ads, we had chosen a duck. Our client now wanted to use out-takes from the shoot to create an ad based wholly around the duck. The end result was the marvel that is Psychic Duck. VOs by Bobby Clayman and  my sister, Catherine.

Domino's: DM

Thanks to some amazing data collection, Domino's pretty much know who lives where and decided to tailor their DM accordingly. Many British residents received some DM from Psychic Duck claiming to know them and their exact pizza needs.

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Church ad: 'Baby Santa'

This year's Christmas ad shone a light on who the most important character is at Christmas. Rather than preach, it just showed a juxtaposition of Jesus and Father Christmas and let the public work out how they should respond. 

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