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After 5 months without work, I finally landed a job at iris in March 2009. Iris began as a sales promotion agency but was slowly transforming into an above the line ad agency. I worked 3 days a week here.  

Network Rail: Proud

My first job in the bunker was this TV ad for Network Rail's snazzy new upgrade of the West Coast Mainline. Network Rail wanted the nation to appreciate the effort they had put in during the past 10 years to make the railway world class. This ad is dedicated to the original workers who laid down the infrastructure that Network Rail had made shine again. It is voiced by Bernard Hill, Yosser from Boys From the Black Stuff. Created with Toby Burnett with music by Jon Hawkins. One of the most fun shoots I have ever been on.


Brilliant Copywriting

I was asked to contribute to this book by Roger Horberry in the "Brilliant" series. I saw this on a stand at an airport WHSmiths with my mum. A high. 


Hot Leg

By 2009, Hot Leg were touring and I popped along to several locations around the country - Norwich and Southampton were just two - to hear my songs being sung to ecstatic crowds. I wrote Gay in the 80s, Cocktails, I've Met Jesus and Into My Arms.


Scottish Bible Society: Gospels

Flushed with success from their Postcard Gospels, the Bible Society north of the border launched another set of books whose titles gave more of a clue as to the spin of each account of Jesus' life. Designed by Ross Fordham.


The Observer Travel: Featured story

When my daughter Lucy was eight months old we dragged her to Havana, then did a road trip around Cuba. The account of the journey made it into the Observer. Sadly this image renders it illegible. 



After the exodus from Dave, a few exiles landed at brand consultancy, Figtree. I regularly popped in to help out with copywriting and ideas. This was my name for the IT outsourcing company owned by Dragons Den's Piers Linney.

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