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2010 was a pretty quiet year. I spent most of it being in a band and helping out on iris pitches that also went nowhere - note the lack of iris work from last year too. Still, there was always Figtree. 

HTC: Copywriting

This phone brand was still relatively unheard of in 2010 but Figtree were changing all this. All I can take credit for is some of the words. Created with Nick Couch

Data Snatcher: Hackers

After I left, Dave changed its name to Calling Brands and regularly called me back in to help with ideas. This film suggests we are watching genuine hackers at work and hopefully will have jolted a few people into upping their internet security.

5 Alive: Uncle Clive

This was for a pitch that sadly we did not win, even though the client (Coca Cola) really liked it. It originated as a Cherry Tango ad at HHCL in 1999. Our other idea was lots of orthodox rabbis getting angry because 5 Alive was against acidic juice (which they heard as "Hassidic Jews.") That idea never got presented...

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 11.49.19

Church ad: Baby scan

This is one of the simpler ads we did for the Churches Advertising Network which by now was called It picked up the requisite amount of controversy to counteract its lack of advertising budget. It made news around the world and the anti abortion lobby were quick to jump on it, not something we had planned. Created with Trevor Webb and Martin Casson

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