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VCCP was quite a ride. I pitched unsuccessfully for Valero (Texaco) and Tesco but won VW Commercial vehicles and met some lovely new people, despite a few run ins. Once out, I became CD of Noah, a small agency which shared office space with St Luke's in Fitzrovia

easyJet: Luton Town FC sponsorship

In my nine months as Creative Director on easyJet, the only work I'm proud of is our sponsorship boards at Luton Town. It showed easyJet to be a fan, not just a sponsor of the team.


Green Pastures radio

Green Pastures is a charity that buys houses for vulnerable people to live in. The houses are run by churches and are owned by investors. These ads appeared on Premier Christian Radio to encourage investment. 

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Westwood Cross: OOH

In June 2013, I landed at Noah where I was the Creative Director and sole creative. I was given a sketch by a previous creative which apparently the client at Westwood Cross shopping centre in Margate had approved. It made no sense so I rewrote the lines, booked a photographer and headed down with some real people to make the ads. Better still, I was able to persuade Noah's previous CD and former Arkwright collaborator, Dave Jenner to come back and art direct them. Dave and I worked together for the next eight years.


Hatfield Galleria: OOH

Land Securities who owned Westwood Cross was also the client for the Hatfield Galleria, hence the similarity of the campaigns.


Gunwharf Quays: OOH

Land Securities' flagship shopping mall was Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth Harbour. This was our autumn campaign for them in 2013. Created with Dave Jenner, Dan Dehlavi and Drew Haselhurst.


Lewisham Shopping Centre:

Black History Week

This was a simple flyer that we produced for Lewisham shopping centre - another Land Securities client. Sometimes the smaller projects have less eyes on them and allow more creative freedom, which is what happened here.


Church ad: Christmas starts...

Decision by committee finally took its toll in 2013. The clients weren't buying anything unless it was dominated by 'Christmas starts with Christ' which they believed was their rallying cry for the next ten years. This campaign was rattled off during yet another failed presentation and was a far cry from the headline grabbing heyday of the Churches Advertising Network. One ad ran on a giant hoarding in the centre of Manchester and is the last poster we created for churchads.

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