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Noah was a hugely productive time given that there were never more than eight of us. We won pitches for Suzuki Vitara, trivago and Echo power tools and actually produced a large amount of work.

Christian Connection tubecards

CC is close to my heart having been the organisation that brought me and Mrs Bayfield together. So it was nice to be able to do some eye-catching artwork to cheer up tube trains in January 2014. The ads caused a stir and subscriptions went up by 400%. Illustrations by Alex Fowkes.

God Knew.jpeg

ECHO: 'Depend on it'

ECHO is a Japanese firm that makes power tools. We flew to Japan and won the pitch by suggesting they take the high ground and portray themselves as the professional's choice - if it's good enough for the pro then it'll do your garden no problem. We created all ECHO's print, OOH, a catalogue and in-store materials.


Trivago tubecards

Trivago saw our Christian Connection tube cards and wanted some for themselves. We created this controversial campaign on the tiniest of shoestrings - I drew the critters myself. Created with Dave Jenner and Tania Lubett.

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 12.29.27.png

One particular white saviour took offence at the ads. I replied with an online piece by an Apache who described his  people roaming but was told to stop tweeting by the agency. Predicatbly the client pulled the ads. An early example of woke activism killing something utterly harmless.

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 12.30.29.png

Wilfred Owen Violin Fund

Wilfred Owen recuperated after the war in a hospital in Edinburgh. A branch was taken from a tree growing in the hospital grounds and the wood was turned into a violin which is being used in schools to help teach kids about war. Created with Tania Lubett.


Premier Radio: Legacy

On the back of Christian Connection, the UK's Nº1 Christian radio channel, Premier asked us to create some ads encouraging people to leave money to them in their wills. 

Gunwharf Quays OOH

We continued our 'excuses' campaign for the Portsmouth mall in 2014


Supercasino: Big Brother idents was an unlovable and anonymous gambling brand that decided to sponsor Big Brother. We were awarded the business and created the Supercass croupier who MC'd hundreds of idents while at her own casino table. I directed every one of them. Initial hatred turned to love turned to requests to have Supercass become a housemate. A win.

As we began tweeting the haters, the tweets #Supercass received went from like this... this. When Supercass began name checking her twitter followers during her idents we were inundated with fans wanting 'shout-outs'


Premier Gospel OOH

The Christian Connections work also helped us win the Premier Gospel business and we produced a couple of attention-grabbing posters to tell the public about the station. Created with Dave Jenner and Ritchie Xavier.


Jackpot 247: 'Pwllgloyw'

Pwllgloyw is an otherwise unremarkable village in the Brecon Beacons. What sets it apart from the rest of the nation is that it has some of the worst 4G connectivity in the UK. We outed it as a place where you actually can't win jackpots 247 because you don't have a signal. Directed by Giles Ripley.

Supercasino: 'Players'

Sister brand to Jackpot 247, Supercasino was a little more serious. This ad showed a bunch of guys cowed by the awesomeness of the Supercasino brand. They even warn each other of the dangers of trying to win back your losses. Possibly as close to responsibility as you can get in gambling ads. A win.

Galleria: 'The Exchange'

The significant thing about this ad is that we got the actors, the crew, the location, the post production, the music and everything else for free. I even drove everyone around in my van. Incredibly, the agency never prsented it to the client. Shot by Thomas Krygier, music by Jonny 'International Christian Playboys' Hawkins

Jackpot 247: 'Cake'

This is a one take wonder - every time someone wins on Jackpot247, Terry has to eat cake. Clearcast were fine with this which was amazing. I like it because it sells so hard - loads of facts about winning followed by a visual metaphor of what these wins look like. Directed by Omar Hilal. 

Galleria radio: 'Tree'

Most of what we produced for the Hatfield Galleria were maps and ads for the kids' play area. For the Galleria's Christmas ad though,  we decided to tell the story of a little tree

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

ECHO: brand films

This is an unusually poetic way of talking for a power tool company but the client trusted us and we're really proud of the end result. It helps cement ECHO as the professional's choice. Shot on the border of Poland and Belarus.

Sylvanian Families

Thanks to its relationship with Japanese supergiant, ADK, Noah was regularly asked to add words to pre-filmed ads for this cult toy brand. I also roped in my sister Catherine to do the VO. Sylvanian Families meets Bayfield family.

Shindaiwa: Catalogue

Shindaiwa may be the poor relation to ECHO, but I was given free rein on the catalogue. It's some of the most poetic writing I've ever created for advertising - and for power tools. So far, only a few tree surgeons and gardening contractors will have read it but hopefully they now see the brand in a new light, and feel good about the work they do. Created with Tanya Lubbett. All the joy here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 4.34.04 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-11-19 at 20.56.16.png
Screenshot 2023-11-19 at 20.55.53.png

Suzuki Vitara: 'It lives'

After winning the pitch we launched the spectacular Suzuki Vitara across Europe. The name Vitara sounds like the car is alive and this ad brings the car to life. Incidentally, the old man at the beginning isn't an actor - we found him sitting on a the steps of a church the day before we began shooting. Shot by Michael Geogehan.

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