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Late in 2020, iris called again needing TV, radio and online ads for the online used car dealer, cinch. Early in 2021, I caught a nasty bout of Covid and decided that if I made it through to the other side, we'd move to Tasmania where Mrs B is from and where we have lots of family. OOH

Roadside Media have a 96 sheet near Brent Cross that was vacant and so we used the space to advertise an upcoming Alpha Course run by local churches. The message doubled as a reminder that faith is great antidote to life's hardships. Designed by Martin Casson.

IMG_4311 (1).heic

Free Trade: OOH

Despite working flat out on cinch for iris and Acer gaming laptops for McCann, Dave and I had no work to show for it. Luckily Roadside Media still kept the brother-in-law team of me and Paul busy. This one had no production budget but still managed to incorporate a map into a cocktail glass. 

FreeTrade Poster-2030x3050mm-High-Res (2).jpg

Thomas Marsh: OOH

The bulk of Roadside's clients were builders and estate agents, none of whom had anything to differentiate themselves from one another. Thomas Marsh were open to creative ideas though, despite not having any production budget beyond a stock shot. 

Thomas Marsh Poster-2032x3048mm.jpg

John Samuel: OOH

I can't properly explain how much I enjoyed working on OOH briefs for Roadside, despite only pocketing £25 for each one after paying Paul. It was an opportunity to be creative and have work bought by clients at a time when lots of creatives weren't working at all. 

Roadside Media: OOH

This poster was to promote Roadside Media's hoardings as prime advertising space.

Dacia: Summer Sales Event

This turned out to be my final project with Dave Jenner and as you can see, we went out with a bang! We were at Publicis working on a never-ending Trident gum brief and they sprung the Dacia Summer Sales Event on us. Suffice to say there were better ideas in the deck...

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 10.21.54.png

A1 Mercedes: OOH

After 8 years together, Chas and Dave were over but Chas and Martin and Chas and Paul were still going strong. While Martin and I helped the Marketing Store out on pitches, Paul and I continued churning out OOH for Roadside Media.

A1 Mercedes Poster-6096x3048mm-Final.jpg

ZEG: Green Fingers

This was a rare pop at a 96 sheet poster. It involved a huge amount of retouching on the van by Paul despite the peanuts he got paid.  

ZEG Poster-1219mmx3048mm-Final (1).jpg

JWT: Tribunal win

It would be disingenuous not to mention this as it made the news globally in July 2021. Head to Google for the details (or don't). Suffice to say it's water under the bridge now, and there are no hard feelings.

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 10.21.08.png

P&M Builders: OOH

I feel that between 2020 and 2021, I created advertising for pretty much every building contractor in Romford.

Best Fitted Wardrobe: OOH

This was hilarious. The client had never seen Modern Family, one of the shows that kept the Bayfields going during lockdown. The line was originally 'Closets, Closets, Closets and Closets' but they cut it because they felt it was too long. 

Atom Wine: Label

In September, I landed in Tasmania and was unable to work for three months due to my visa not kicking in. Still, I freelanced for Five by Five in London, DCX in Brooklyn and wrote a book for Scottish Power's merger with OVO, none of which saw the light of day. This wine label was my first project in Aus. Created with Demelza Rafferty.


Wordpig: Instagram

This is an IG page where I simply deposit the best quotes I come across from songs, TV shows, books, movies and anywhere and everywhere else.

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