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Moving from one of the global advertising epicentres to Hobart was less of a culture shock than I thought. It's a pretty creative island and there are some really good people down here. If only we could all get together on a project we would properly shine...

Moo Brew

I only heard about this project the day before. The idea was a mango and a peach going on a date. All we really had were locations and as all the creatives who would normally work on this were off sick, I had to make it up as I went along. The actors weren't actors, I wasn't at the edit and this is my own cut of their final film. Agency: MONA

Australian Seniors: Cake TV

For a few happy months, I worked 3 (remote) days a week for Eardrum in Sydney. Here I wrote a slew of TV ads for life insurance and funeral cover. Prior to these, it was simply old people dancing. I wouldn't have cast such a camp lead actor in this one but the more I watch it, the more I like him. 

ResMed: Wakeover TV

Eardrum had the main idea for this and I just threw in a few suggestions. Created with Ralph van Dijk.

The Devil's Vine: Skullhead online animation

To launch this Woolworths's owned wine brand, we created a mischievous character called Skullhead and animated him. Acts of mischief were rebranded as "sipping from the Devil's vine." Created with Chris Broadhead at Red Jelly.

Wholly Buyable: Podcast

This has been a labour of love. Begun over 10 years previously as a book, Wholly Buyable finally hit the airwaves in June 2022.  Interestingly (for me) I posted the concept on the Idea a Day website back in around 2010.

Within 4 months, the podcast was the #1 downloaded religious podcast on iTunes in the UK, the first time I've had a #1 anything since Blackcurrant Tango in 1997.


The Whisky Club: Better together online film

I joined the world's biggest whisky subscription club as in house Creative Director in July 2022. This film was made from existing footage edited together by myself. I'm also in it, sniffing a glass of whisky. Created with Nigel Honey.

Holocaust Vigil

On a trip to Auschwitz in January 2020, I was moved by how prisoners had to attend roll call, often for hours in flimsy clothes in all weathers. I ate holocaust rations for a week, shaved my head, made a sign and stood for 2 hours on a plinth in the middle of Hobart on a cold winter's day. Sign by Doug Hagger, filming by Mark Kuilenburg.

CHAS_ShoahShowUp_A0Poster_AW (1).jpg

The Whisky Club: Fathers Day Instagram

2022 was a year of making things happen because very little else was going on. This was made for kicks and gigs for a Father's Day instagram post in 2022. Created with Emma Luimes.

Sage: Web copy

During 2022 I worked on Swift (bank transfers) in the UK as well as copywriting for a Dutch website. My main UK client was Sage and I worked hard to humanise their tone of voice.


Argyll St Car Park: 6 Storeys, 6 Stories
Argyle Street car park is in the centre of Hobart, Tasmania. I helped create the 6 Storeys, 6 Stories murals in the elevator lobby on each floor of the car park. Created  with Sam Moffat and Doug Hagger at Decade Studio. The murals made the evening news and there is a nice write up here.

Anglicare: Cake

Short and sweet. I clearly have a thing about men baking! Created with Chris Broadhead at Red Jelly and directed by Matt Scott.

Australian Bedding Stewardship Council

This organisation needed a slogan and I teamed up with my old Watford College buddy Andrew Fisher to create this one.


Salt Sellers: Dig 

I'm in a group in the UK which creates radio advertising around the major Christian festivals. This one for Christmas 2022 was conceived by Bruce Gulland, reworked by me and produced by Ali Burnett.

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