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2012 was my last year at iris. No one was sure what my role was, least of all me. Midway through the year I was made redundant and took a job as Creative Director on easyJet at VCCP.

Sony Ericsson: Writing on the wall

Many business to business corporate videos can be pretty dull. That's why for Sony Ericsson we filmed an artist covering a warehouse in East London with words and pictures. Created with Jim Eyre. 

Sony Ericsson: Qriocity

All that I can say about this is that my bandmate Jonny got paid to do the music. When Jim Eyre left iris I teamed up with Bilel Labjaoui. His idea was a 200 mile stretch of US highway with billboards every few miles explaining what was going on in the movie Gladiator (in case you didn't have Qriocity and couldn't watch the movie). That got blown out because of budget and so we made this donkey.

SKINS catalogue

All SKINS needed was a catalogue to tell people about their compression sportswear. Instead we gave them a magazine. It was a lot more work but creatively much more satisfying. Created with Adam Evans.

2012 land_Page_1.jpg

Church ad: Godbaby

This was the last newsworthy ad that we created for and featured a 'must-have' Christmas toy - Godbaby. This polarised churches and made it onto Buzzfeed. Created with Trevor Webb and Martin Casson.

2012 land_Page_2.jpg

Church radio ad: What's Cookin?

This is the Nativity story told in the form of a cookery show.

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