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I was Creative Director on Oxo at JWT. Our job was to reintroduce the iconic 'Oxo Family', a campaign that had been running since the 1960s. Created with Dave Jenner, Kenneth Diego Abalos, Sam Adio, Bill Hartley, and shot by Declan Lowney and Giles Hepworth.

The ads were praised for having a dad who seemed unfazed by a kitchen. The family was pulled together by a placement team, Ken Abalos and Sam Adio who also wrote 'Popular Girl' 

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 11.38.13

The joy of being Creative Director on a brand as famous as Oxo is that teams love giving you ideas for it. This was one of the best ones and won a FAB award. Created by Simon Sworn and Kat Thomas.

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