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I spent much of the 90s working on this iconic British drinks brand. Inspired by the French blowing up the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, "St George" won Cannes Gold and D&AD silver and has been voted one of the best 100 commercials in the world. For an insight into how the ad came about, try this podcast by Ben Kay. For a behind the scenes view, here's Bart Hulley's excellent 'making of.' Created with Jim Bolton at HHCL.

Prior to the launch of Still Tango, Tango littered Glastonbury Festival with empty bottles to create intrigue. Later, the product was taken off the shelves after it began fermenting. To keep the brand alive while Tango reformulated it, the team pretended it was still on sale in the souks in North Africa and sent people postcards telling them this. This was pre internet let alone social media and the hope was that we play with people's minds. Created with Jim Bolton at HHCL+Partners.

We had an idea to give away real bank cards with six-packs of Tango. In the end, Barclays didn't want their ATMs clogging up with swallowed cards, so the team created a phone bank. A medical student guessed the PIN, stayed awake for four days and cleared out £80k in £250 instalments. This was an activation idea  before there was any social media to amplify it. Created for HHCL+Partners with Jim Bolton.

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